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26.5Hrs – Ch16 – Controls

I had already cut the birch CS109 and CS117 pieces.  Normally you wouldn’t fiberglass these until after you flox them in the fuselage, since it wouldn’t need much more glass to cover than the BID tapes anyway, but since I … Continue reading

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90 Hrs – Ch 19 – Ailerons

Cut the ailerons out per the dimensions.  Here is where I come to find out that the peel ply that was put on during the wing skinning has now become my nemesis.  I apparently screwed up the placement of this … Continue reading

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13 Hrs – Ch12 – Canard Install

Fabricated the small piece that fits between the canard and the torque tube to block the inrush of cold air.  Epoxied it in place and put one layer of BID on each side.  Trimmed them up after cure, and checked … Continue reading

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