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Chapter 21 – Strakes (Up to T-Hats) – 94 Hours

I had already joined and glassed two sheets of foam per the Cozy Girrl’s method.  After cure, traced all the bulkheads onto the sheet and cutout all the bulkheads.       Used the Bernie Siu’s dremmel trick to auger … Continue reading

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Chapter 14 – Spar (Mounting into the Fuselage) – 41 Hours

A bit of a break, with planning a wedding, new job, moving, and having a baby!  The latter will continue to keep progress at bay to an extent, though a well received one. Started working on fitting the spar into … Continue reading

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Chapter 13 – Fuselage Nose (Nose Bumper)

1-20-2016 – 1-26-2016 Decided that since the fuselage was turned over, that I would work on the nose bumper.  I decided on the Wayne Hicks method, but chose to shape it like John Basol’s version, as it is much easier … Continue reading

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Chapter 09 – Landing Gear (Gear Leg Fairings) – 30 Hrs

Put the gear back on the fuselage and propped it off the ground with a 2 degree up attitude and leveled side to side.  I had purchased the pre cut cores from Eureka for this, and while a discussion on … Continue reading

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Chapter 23 – Engine – 11 Hrs

Found an engine at Wentworth Aircraft with 996 SMOH that was in an off field landing.  It is an O-360-A3A with chrome cylinders.  I was able to swap the stock starter for a light weight Skytek starter that they happened … Continue reading

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Chapter 18 – Canopy (Part 2) – 84 Hrs

Marked the canopy to cut off the forward section.  Attempted to use Wayne Hicks method, but with all the bumps and joggles with the FHC, it didn’t work as well for me.  With needing to open the gap to 1/8″, … Continue reading

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Chapter 18 – Canopy (Part 1) – 175 Hrs

I’ve been hassled to get an update out on the Cozy build. I am currently working on the Canopy chapter, and I have several modifications here, so it is taking me more time to complete than I had hoped! I … Continue reading

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175hrs – Ch 24 – Covers and Fairings

I haven’t kept best track of this chapter, as there is a lot of thinking how things are going to fit, and is also a good time to get other little things completed on the interior. Since this chapter consists … Continue reading

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26.5Hrs – Ch16 – Controls

I had already cut the birch CS109 and CS117 pieces.  Normally you wouldn’t fiberglass these until after you flox them in the fuselage, since it wouldn’t need much more glass to cover than the BID tapes anyway, but since I … Continue reading

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30 Hrs – Ch 20 – Wingletts

Created the 1″ top tips of the wingletts, rounded the corners, and prepped for glassing.  Glassed the wingletts with 2 ply UND and finished with peel ply. Removed the wingletts from the forms and began prepping them for the next … Continue reading

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