Chapter 14 – Spar (Mounting into the Fuselage) – 41 Hours

20160513_120227.jpgA bit of a break, with planning a wedding, new job, moving, and having a baby!  The latter will continue to keep progress at bay to an extent, though a well received one.
20170122_170016Started working on fitting the spar into the fuselage.  I estimate that I had to sand 1/4″ into LWX to get the spar far enough forward to clear the firewall.  Once I was able to get the spar lined up in all 3 axis, I faired the sides of the fuselage (outside), so bid tapes would go around nicely.  Once all was satisfactory, I floxed the spar in, but only the tight fitting areas.  The less tight fitting areas have shims, and once removed after cure, all
gaps will be filled with flox and taped all around.

Side Note:  The break, along with emptying out the epoxy from the Michaelson pump, caused the hardener to lock up the piston in the pump.  I purchased a rebuild kit, and proceeded to rebuild the pump.  Just have to set the ratio, and will be good to get back to work!

IMG_1531Started the BID tapes, 5 BID LWY to spar and 5 BID Longerons to Spar, inside and out.  Looks like the spar tapes are also supposed to include lapping over the turtleback per the drawings, however the canopy section would be a future chapter.  Will have to add more tapes here.

Glassed the spar to LWY on the inside of the hell hole.  (Aptly named)  Since I laid up the fiberglass on plastic in two layers, I just made it an even 6 layers for ease.  Covered in peel ply to cure.

IMG_1538Completed the 5 ply layers on the inside bottom spar to LWY.  6 layers for ease of cutting tapes.  Added peel ply.

Completed filling the rest of the gaps with flox and 2 BID taping the rest of the seams, with the exception of inside the bottom of the landing gear bulkheads, as that will be easier when the fuselage is upside down for the strakes.  This is such a small section, I wonder if it is even necessary…

IMG_1543        IMG_1544


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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