Chapter 13 – Fuselage Nose (Nose Bumper)

Nose Bumper

1-20-2016 – 1-26-2016

Decided that since the fuselage was turned over, that I would work on the nose bumper.  I decided on the Wayne Hicks method, but chose to shape it like John Basol’s version, as it is much easier to fabricate, and I figured it had less of a chance of diverting air away from the center of the fuselage, which would affect the cooling air reaching the engine.  Started Match Drilling Nose Bumperby figuring out the correct dimensions.  Decided on 6.5″ x 6.5″ and then cutting out the void to make the horseshoe.  Cut the dimensions out on paper first for figuring out the correct size, then made the cuts at a 45 degree angle for all but the inside cuts.  Then cut out the cutting board materials at a 45 degree angle matching the smaller side of the aluminum (Since it is smaller from being cut at 45 degrees)  Sanded/filed down the saw cuts and matched up the aluminum and cutting board.  Then decided where I wanted the screws to be located through the fuselage and drilled through the aluminum on the drill press with a 13/64″ bit.  After that, I placed  it on the fuselage and match drilled through the fuselage, but not through the inside skin.  Nose Bumper Hard Points 1Marked a 1″ – 1.5″ diameter around the hole and hollowed out the foam in that area with a dremmel.  Filled with flox and glassed over with 4 x BID.  After cure, match drilled through the fuselage again, but this time went through the inside skin.  With the holes match drilled, I opened the fuselage holes to 1/4″ and tapped the aluminum with a 1/4-28 tap.  First attempt was too close to the axle hard points, so I had to repeat the procedure further aft and further outboard, which will work much better.

Nose Bumper Hard Points 2

Nose Bumper Placement






Nose Bumper Reinforcements


Cut out the window openings in the nose cone, and then marked and cut the plexiglass lenses to a closer shape.  Once close, began filing to a closer fit at the 45 degree angle for a good fit.  Once fit, tacked in with 5 min flox and then floxed permanently.  Also glassed an additional 8 plies on the plywood skid plate support and Peel Ply’d.

Final Lens Shaping

Using popsicle clamps to get final shape of lens to match nose cone with help of a heat gun.

Lens Openings






Lenses Floxed Permanently


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I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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