Chapter 09 – Landing Gear (Gear Leg Fairings) – 30 Hrs

Landing Gear Fairing SegmentPut the gear back on the fuselage and propped it off the ground with a 2 degree up attitude and leveled side to side.  I had purchased the pre cut cores from Eureka for this, and while a discussion on the forums discussed only needing 2 ply for these, I noticed that the foam that is used is the hardware store variety made by Dow.  Since this foam is much smoother than the foams we use normally, I was worried about Landing Gear Fairing Segmentdelamination, so I decided to also use 3 layers of BID to cover.  I removed the cores from the foam and cut into 2.5″ sections, making sure to label everything with Pilot/Copilot side, Top/Bottom, and 1-13 starting at the top of the gear leg.  Dropped a center line for the fuselage and used that to verify the fairings were aligned left to right, by dropping lines off the front and aft corners.  Also used a water level to be sure the fairings will be level when at a 2 Landing Gear Fairing Segmentdegree up attitude.  Micro’d these onto the gear leg, but used 5 Min epoxy/micro mix in the center of each so I could keep attaching sections.  Once both sides were done and all the micro cured, I started sanding the foam to remove the high spots.  Since the foam doesn’t bend around the gear leg perfectly.  Then proceeded to micro and fill the low spots and cracks with micro and glass with 3xBID.  Removed peel ply and trimmed after cure.

Landing Gear Fairings OutsideRemoved the gear and mounted upside down on the table to prep the bottom surface.  Sanded the foam intersections down smooth, as well as any extra micro.  Used the dremmel to remove the foam on the trailing edge, similar to the wings.  Micro’d the foam and laid up 3 layers on the bottom, lapping over the first layer similar to the wings.  After cure, filled in the trailing edge with dry micro and peel ply’d.

Landing Gear Fairings InsideLanding Gear Fairings Inside








001002Now that the brake lines are complete on the landing gear, it was time to close up the landing gear bulkheads.  Cut out the 3 pieces, and glassed the bottoms with 2xBID, overlapping by at least 1″.



Turned the fuselage over and prepped the surfaces for a 2xBID tape around the LG bulkheads.  After taping, added peel ply to finish.







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I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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