Chapter 23 – Engine – 11 Hrs

Engine 3
Found an engine at Wentworth Aircraft with 996 SMOH that was in an off field landing.  It is an O-360-A3A with chrome cylinders.  I was able to swap the stock starter for a light weight Skytek starter that they happened to have in stock.  Dad and I drove up together to look at it, where we met John Basol to scope the cylilnders.  Everything checked out, and Wentworth verified the crank dialed out to 0.00, which doesn’t get any better.  Wrote the check and drove home.  The crate ended up a little larger than I was expecting, so I needed a new plan for getting it off the truck.  John Tvedte was able to come over with his engine hoist, and we Hoist Completewere able to get it off.  I also ended up building the Tony Bengilis hoist using a come along.  Worked great!  I then built the plans engine stand, which also works great and keeps the footprint relatively small.  I purchased the engine preservation kit from ACS (Made by Tanis) and pickled the engine for long term storage.

Engine MountReceived the engine mount from the Cozy Girrrls at Oshkosh and noticed some rust spots on it in the day light the next day.  The engine mount is not painted or primed, so some of this is to be expected, depending how long this particular engine mount was in storage before delivery.  Sanded the engine mount with 220 grit, sprayed with degreaser (per instructions), wiped dry, cleaned with acetone and let dry.  Once dry, sprayed with self etching metal primer, and followed up with white high temp engine paint.


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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