30 Hrs – Ch 20 – Wingletts

Winglette-Inboard PreppedCreated the 1″ top tips of the wingletts, rounded the corners, and prepped for glassing.  Glassed the wingletts with 2 ply UND and finished with peel ply.

Winglette-Outboard Glassing2Removed the wingletts from the forms and began prepping them for the next layup.  Finished prepping the wingletts and trimming the forms from the hot-wiring.
Cut the poles of the foil tape antenna to 20.3″, and soldered the RG400 coax center and shield to the poles.  Sanded a depression for the antenna and coax, and micro’d the antenna in place and covered with peel ply, leaving the antenna still recessed so I can still put micro on before skinning.  Also put micro in the groove and placed the coax in to pot that in place.

Winglette Antenna2

While removing the peel ply from the micro, I realized that I forgot to add the torroid coils to the coax before potting in place.  Will worry about it after Rough River and vacation.

After messing with removing the coax carefully, thinking I could salvage and add the torroids, I accidentally ripped out part of the antenna.  At that point the decision was made, and time to focus on removing the old antenna’s completely.  Doing so required a little cosmetic surgery to my original grooves, essentially making them a little deeper, but not too bad.  Made the new antenna’s with the torroids, placed in the grooves, and potted again with micro.  I decided to add some BNC connections to verify the connection with my portable, and they work great!

Winglette-Inboard MicroSet up the wingletts for glassing the inboard side.  Bondo’d the wingletts to the foam templates, and the templates to the table.

My friend Jeff is looking at the Cozy design as a possible build project, and he came over to help skin the other side of the wingletts to get some experience.  I filled in the coax impressions with micro before skinning, but left a little more of a divet after skinning than Winglette-Outboard GlassedI expected.  In hindsight, I probably should have used pour foam like Wayne Hicks, which would have saved me some trouble.  Skinned with 2 ply UND per plans + 1 BID square, and peel ply’d the entire layup.  Trimmed after cure.  The basic pieces for the wingletts are done, but I will not attach to the wings yet, since the wings are so much easier to store without them attached.


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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