85 Hrs – Ch 19 – Wings (Left)

Time to repeat all the steps again for the left wing.  Started by cleaning up the jigs and setting them up on the table.  Then I glued the wing root wedge back on to the inboard wing section (FC1) with Micro.  Did the same for the wedge that was cut out to gain access for hot wiring the aileron torque tube area.

Positioned all the foam cores in the jigs to verify fit.  Then glued FC1, FC2, and FC3 together with micro.

Attached Depression GlassedCut out the depressions on the top and bottom of the wing for the bolt access.  Then glassed with 2 ply BID.  Trimmed at knife cure and micro’d in the 3 hard points, LWA4’s and LWA6.  It’s worth noting when working on the left wing, the drawings are all backward.  I already knew this, but it is easy to get distracted and forget you have to be thinking backwards when looking at the Micro'd Hardpointdrawings.  That being said, I accidentally cut out LWA6 on the bottom side, rather than the top.  Luckily I noticed it right away, and not when drilling the holes to match it to the spar.  Kim cut out a replacement plug to fill the hole, while I cut the LWA6 into the correct position.  Micro’d in the plug, and secured all the pieces with nails till cure.

Sanded down the foam at the rough edges, and rounded the corners of the spar cap.  Taped off all the edges and hung paper to protect the foam.  Then cut out all the pieces of fiberglass in preparation of tomorrow’s layup.

Hardpoints AddedCompleted the shear web layup.  Applied 2 layers UND full span, 2 layers 2/3 span, and 2 layers 1/3 span, with every other layer alternating in direction.  Added the 3 layer BID pad over the hard-points, and added LWA2 & LWA3, and weighted for cure.  Peel ply’d the layup.

Glued FC4 & FC5 onto FC2 & FC3 using micro.  Verified the gaps for the spar trough and weighted the foam.

Spar Cap GlassingFaired in the foam joints with a sanding block to even them out.  Taped and papered the other edge of the spar trough and added the dams in preparation of the spar cap layup.  Sanded the trough, vacuumed, and set up the spar tape dispenser.  Completed the spar cap layup, and peel ply’d.

Adding NAV AntennaSanded the depressions for the NAV antenna, making sure to have a 20 degree angle and not more than 1cm distance betweenAdding NAV Antenna the poles.  Micro’d in place so I don’t have to mess with it during the skinning.  Also used micro to fill in the foam joints the rest of the way, using masking tape to keep it off the foam.

Skinning Left Bottom WingFinished prepping for skinning the wing by vacuuming the entire surface and cutting the fiberglass pieces.  Glassed the wing bottom same as on the right wing.  2 UND and extra 2×4 UND and 12″ x 12″ UND by wing root, and BID triangle at the wing tip.  Peel ply’d everything.  Knife trimmed and troweled micro into the trailing edge.

Sanded down the trimmed edges, including the trailing edge.  Then sanded down the pile of micro that was added into the trailing edge divot.  Added the jig pieces to prepare for turning, and used bondo to hold it together.

Turned the wing over and leveled.  Seemed that the edges of the spar trough were not sighting flat, so I investigated.  There seems to be a small hump at the foam joint (outboard).  I ran a string for both the leading and trailing edges, and while I tweaked them a little, they were nothing like I was seeing at the joint.  I will have to sand it down a little to fair it in, but shouldn’t be a big deal.  Certainly wont affect the spar cap.  Sanded the trough, added the dams, vacuumed, and set up the tape dispenser.  All ready for the morning when Dad gets here to help.

Spar Cap for Left Wing TopFilled the trough with fiberglass tape.  Used a couple (2) more layers than plans recommended to fill the trough.  Lost power while adding peel ply, so we got pretty lucky we were finishing up.  It was also lucky that it was fairly warm out, so we could open the door for light.  Many thinks to Dad for coming down to help!

Left Wing Trailing EdgeSanded off the boat tail on the trailing edge and sanded down to the rest of the surface.  Pulled off the peel ply to find the trailing edge coming off in pieces on the very edge.  In consulting with Dennis, this sometimes happens, and he gave me some suggestions.

Drilling Conduit at Wing RootMarked and routed out the channel for the rudder cable.  Used a drill to auger out the portion on the end past the micro line.  Ready to micro in place.  Finished prepping the wing for tomorrow’s layup and micro’d the rudder cable conduit into the wing.

Glassing Wing TopSkinned the top of the left wing similar to the right.  Since the trailing edge broke off when pulling off the peel ply, I finished with putting a straight edge on the trailing edge after skinning, so I can cut a nice straight edge when cured.  (suggestion from Dennis)Straight Edges Clamped on Top Skin

Trimmed the layup and cleaned up the edges.  Attached the level board.  (For some reason, I decided to sand the inboard end after cleaning up the edges, so I lost my level line for reference.  to Fix this, I traced a pattern of the foam core template with the level line.  Matched it up to the inboard end of the wing and transferred the marks.)  Then started hollowing out the foam for the inboard rib.

Glassing Inboard Wing RibGlassed the inside of the inboard wing root with 3 plies BID.  Started by glassing everything but the forward face, then glassing the forward face separately and following up with 3x BID tape.  Finished by clamping in the LWA7 hard-point.  The hard-point sticks over the edge of the hard-point that is below it a little, so hopefully that doesn’t cause any clearance issues when the bolts are fitted.  Time will tell…

Inboard Wing Rib GlassedCompleted the 2 UND strips around the attach depressions, and then the 3 BID to make the inboard wing root.  Added 2 ply BID over the hard-point inside the inboard wing root.  Finished up with peel ply.


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I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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