31 Hrs – Ch 14 – Main Spar

Cutting Angle on Spar FrontCut the angle on the edges of the fore face of the spar and sanded.  I then cut out the foam for the seat belt brace blocks and mirco’d them in place.  Used duck tape to keep them in place for cure.

Holes Cut Into Spar FrontCut the access holes in the front of the spar, an routed 1/4″ of foam down to bare fiberglass.  Then I sanded the edges of foam to create a smooth transition for the glass to glass bond.

Wrapping Spar in GlassAdded 4 layers of UND alternating at 45 degrees.  Floxed the hard points in place, peel ply’d, and weighted.  Used a clamp on the ends to keep the hard point from sliding down with the weight.  Used a board to connect the inboard weights to the outboard weights so they also wouldn’t slide down.

Hard Points Floxed2

Trimmed the ends of the main spar, and started trimming the overhang from the last layup.  Used the file to clean up the edges.

Glassed the 2 layers of UND on the fore face of the main spar at 45 degree angles.  Covered in peel ply.

Hard Points Glassed

Removed peel ply, trimmed the fiberglass, prepped the surfaces, and cut out the strips of UND to lay over the hard points.  All ready for the next layup.

Brandon stopped by to help stir epoxy and we added the 3 strips UND over the hard points, and one 5″ BID over that.  Added peel ply.

Spar Ends GlassedCut the 1.5″ holes on the bottom of the main spar, under the outboard hard points.  Routed out some of the foam on the edges of the holes and filled with micro.  Then created flox corners around the edges of the end bulkheads (except where the spar cap is), and glassed the end bulkheads with 1 ply BID.  This concludes the Main Spar until I am ready to install it to the fuselage!  Now to build my storage shed…


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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