8 Hrs – Chapter 06 – Fuselage Assembly

Fuselage AssemblyRemoved the fuselage sides from the jigs after some preliminary checks with the bulkheads.  I had some 4×4 scraps left from the table build, which are very uniform, and I used them for spacers on the table for assembly.  Screwed the firewall into the back edge of the table and screwed F22 into the uper longerons.  Trial fit the bulkheads again.  Trouble getting the firewall square to the table, and I realized the table is no longer completely flat.  Will have to research if it can be fixed.

Removed all the parts off the table, and removed the masonite from the particle board top.  I removed several of the screws in the area where there seemed to be a hump in the table.  Then I sat on that section while I re-inserted the screws.  That seemed to fix the issue.  Put the masonite back on and started reassembling the parts.  Shored up the temporary firewall with some braces to keep it square.  Will continue tomorrow…

More fitting the bulkheads and sanding to fit.  I think I will add 1/2″ blue foam to the edge of the seatback, per Burrall Sanders’ suggestion to make the fuselage about 1″ wider overall.

Dry Assembly Before Floxing Together

About this point a project came up for sale in North Carolina that is further along and at a price I can’t pass up.  Stay tuned!


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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