Chapter 04 – 31.25 Hrs – Bulkheads

Cutting F28

Cutting F28

First of all, let me recommend downloading the CAD files from the Unofficial Cozy Builders Website.  I have not done this, but I struggled enough with the Instrument Panel (IP) drawing to now know better.  After doing some digging, I found that others have had this problem as well.  Apparently the drawings were made on a printers press, and apparently some of the edges wander a bit during the printing off from the roller.  Anyway, I was able to verify this by putting up a square on the lower section IP drawing against the vertical and horizontal match lines.  I think I have it cut out about right now…

Studied the drawings and cut out the templates for F22 & F28 Bulkheads.  Believe it or not, it actually took me three hours to trace out the left and right bulkheads and cut them out.  I cut out the F28 bulkhead twice, as I decided that I wanted the rounded nose.

Received a shipment of foam that was back ordered.  Sorted out the foam and finished cutting out the F22 Doubler template.  Started cutting out the last-a-foam for F22, and just finished the upper section.  Finding that it is easier to cut the curves a little proud, and then shave down with the utility knife.

Bulkheads - F28, F22 Doubler, F22, and IP

Bulkheads - F28, F22 Doubler, F22, and IP

Finished cutting out the F22 bulkhead.  I’m waiting to cut the F28 bulkhead until I cut out the IP, as they are cut from the same sheet of Last-a-foam.  I taped together the drawings for the IP and traced out the template on the next visit.

Finished tracing out the IP, cutting it out and gluing it together.  Finished trimming the Instrument Panel (IP) after gluing.  Also finished cutting the torque tube holes, which run into the filler pieces.  Sanded the IP, F22, and F22 Doubler.  Accidentally broke the foam on the F22 bulkhead while sanding.  I mixed a little 5-Min Epoxy to fix.

Layed 2 layers of BID on both F22 & F28.  Broken F22Added 1 layer of UND to F28.  I then added the F22 Doubler, and added 2 layers of BID and a layer of UND on top.

Trimmed the F22, F22 Doubler, and F28.  Took longer than expected, but curing time was about perfect for knife trim.

Sanded F22 edges on the aft face.  Prepared the forward facing side.  Glassed 2 layers BID and 1 layer UND above the leg holes.  Then alternated 5 plies of UND and 4 plies of BID on the sides of the bulkhead.  Aded Peel Ply on the overlapping areas.  Came back 7 hrs later for knife trim where possible.  Will need to use a saw for the thicker areas after cure.  My Rockwell Oscillating saw is on order, and that will be a good first job!

F22 and F28

F22 and F28

I finished glassing the rear of the F28 bulkhead.  2 layers of BID, one layer UND.  I put some tin foil on the top, and layed the squeegee on top as weight to flatten up the layup.  The tin foil stuck a little more than I expected, so I may need to experiment with that more…


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I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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