Chapter 03 – 4 Hrs – Practice Layup #2

I was not able to find 1/2″ PVC foam in my supply, but I did have 3/8″ PVC, so I used that in it’s place.  I cut the piece to size with a utility knife after marking the top for the bevel with a pencil.  Then I used heavy grit sand paper to make the bevels.   I cut out 4 pieces of 4″ x 22″ UND and 4 pieces of BID (at 45 degree angles), and rolled them up for later.

Practice Layup #2a - Foam Sandwich

Practice Layup #2 - Foam Sandwich

After starting the layup process, I found the squeegee to be useful for the first layers of UND, but was pretty much useless after that.  This is partially because of the 45 degree orientation of a small pieces of BID, and partially because of the piece of foam that the top layers are conforming around.  Once I got to the foam, I made up a batch of micro-slurry, but put too much glass bubbles in the batch, so it was more like dry-micro.  I used dry-micro on some of the imperfections in the foam, and then mixed up a batch of slurry.  I think the slurry was a little thicker than necessary, which caused me some issues with coverage at first.  I also may have not gotten the tips of each end of the foam at a flat enough angle, as I had a hard time getting the air bubbles from forming there.  Once one was removed, one would form on the other edge.  I finally got them out the best I could with the brush, and let dry.  Instructions say to let dry for 24 hrs, and then cut with a coping saw, so I resisted the urge to knife trim.

Practice Layup #2b - Foam Sandwich

Practice Layup #2 - Foam Sandwich

Now that the layup has had a chance to dry, I was able to cut the piece to dimension.  I grabbed the dremmel and used one of the cutting discs.  This seemed to melt the fiberglass more than it was cutting it, not to mention breaking a lot of cutting discs.  I then tried a coping saw, but it was not ‘coping’ well, and catching too much on the fiberglass cloth to be usable.  Perhaps a different blade is needed.  I then tried a hand saw, and that seemed to work decent.  I sanded the edges a little, and was pretty much good to go.  Fein Tool (or a clone) sounds like the way to go, though!


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I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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