Chapter 03 – 2 Hrs – Practice Layup #1

Practice Layup #1 - Flat Layup

Started by taping some wax paper to the table, and then added epoxy to the first layer of BID (Bi-directional) fiberglass cloth.  Wetted it out, stippling out any air bubbles with a 2″ paint brush.  Repeated the process for a total of six layers.  I believe I got the cloth complete to the correct wetness, and without air bubbles.  Time will tell to see after it cures and I can cut and weigh the piece.

Practice Layup #1b - Flat Layup

Practice Layup #1 - Flat Layup

This piece took a little longer than the published 4 hrs for curing to the “tacky” finish for knife trimming.  (Closer to 5-6)  At that point, I trimmed to the 10″ x 16″ size and left overnight for curing.  The next day I weighed the piece @ 11 1/2 oz, with no air bubbles and all fibers nice and straight.  I was a little on the wide side on my cutting, so would have been slightly lighter given that.


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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