Chapter 00 – 4hrs – Plan Corrections

As it turns out, the plan’s Table of Contents, General section is incorrect on stating that 3rd Edition plans need to start with NL34 for corrections.  That appears to be left over from the 1st and 2nd Edition plans.  After doing some digging, I found that THIRD EDITION plans need to start with NL74 – NL91.  There were some modifications from prior newsletters that appear to be missed, according to a post from Philip Jones.  (See Below for summary)  Regardless, that little discovery is the difference between going through 58 newsletters, to going through 18 newsletters.  Nice!

Since I knew there would be interruptions in my task of updating, I opted to track my progress so I always knew exactly where I left off.  I wrote all the newsletter numbers on the inside of the cover, and checked them off after I finished all the corrections for that newsletter.  Not to mention it made me feel that I was making some progress, having something to check off.

I also took an idea from Rick Maddy, and wrote the newsletter number next to all the changes that I wrote in the plans, in case there any questions later in my work.


Additional changes from Cozy Builders Post:


* NL #43, item 10: Chap. 21, p. 5, para. 2: Assemble with flox as shown on
Chap. 21, p. 3, and radius corners with micro before taping.

* NL #53, item 15: Drwg. M-7: Change washer call out under engine mount bolt
head from AN960-616 to AN970-6. [note: this was done on drawing M-7, but
needs to be done on drawing M-9.]

* NL #53, item 17: Drwg. M-8, sec. E-E: Change to “select height so cable
misses pushrods and leads in to CS 72. This height should be approx. 1-7/8”.

* I also found 3 items in the last bulleted paragraph (at the very end of the
document) located at
that I added to the respective M drawings. detailed below:

* On drawings M-32 and M-33 indicate that the aft baffles should be 
reinforced locally with 1/8" aluminum (instead of .032) where they are cut 
out for the exhaust pipes, and the cut-outs for the pipes should be a 
.875" radius for a tight fit around 1.75" pipes, and the two exhaust pipe 
baffles shown on M-33 should be similarly dimensioned and made from 1/8" 
aluminum. Add a note that each pair of pipes should be clamped together or 
wired together with safety wire ahead of the aft baffle to prevent any
relative movement. Your airplane should be grounded until these changes 
are made.

* Additionally, there was a design change concerning a modification to beef up
NG-30 that included a drawing. It is located on the last page of NL #86. (I

was able to get a copy of the drawing from a local builder who had the

original newsletter.) You might want to check the Newsletters that were

published after the list of corrections was completed–#85 through 91.




* NL #42, item 1: Chap. 10, p.4, Delete para. 6. [note: this correction

addressed First Edition plans; however, the referenced paragraph still

appears in Third Edition plans.]


And, lastly, the greatest mystery of all:


* NL # 39, item 3: Chap. 4, p.3, Step 5, 2nd para: Add, “Locate the two groups

of three MS24694-S54 blind screws 2.0 in. higher than shown on M-7 and M-8

and detail D-D to provide more clearance between the rudder cable and the

aileron push rods.”


* What is the final consensus on the location of these firewall screws? Third

Edition plans show the center of the top screw 3.0″ below the top of the

middle firewall pieces. Is this the correct location, or should the screws

be located 2.0 in. higher?


About Tarmac Grazer

I have recently purchased Cozy MK IV Plans #1627, and will be using this blog to log my build progress.
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